Server Cluster for Research on Process-oriented Architectures

The research groups Business Information Systems, Software Engineering, Theory of Programming Languages, and Architecture of Application Systems have jointly raised the funding of a server cluster from the German Research Foundation (DFG) to promote research on process-oriented architectures.  The cluster consists of 20 servers interconnected via Ethernet (10 GBit/s) and InfiniBand (56 GBit/s). Thus, in total, there are more than 500 concurrent threads, over 2 TByte RAM, and 68 Solid State Drives available to master processor-, memory-, and I/O-intensive tasks.  In particular, the Architecture for Application Systems group is going to use the cluster for research projects in the fields of event-driven architectures (EDA), energy-efficient cloud computing, adaptive concurrency strategies for application servers, and adaptive high-performance secondary storage systems.